Meet Tea Cup, Bardon Hair Design’s Chief Customer Officer

Shandell O’Reilly might have grown up in country Queensland surrounded by hard-working farm dogs, but it was a teeny tiny Chihuahua that eventually stole her (and our) heart and went on to become Bardon Hair Design’s much-loved mascot. Today this eight-year-old diva doggy is the salon’s Chief Customer Officer with a sole role: to meet and greet clients.  This is Tea Cup’s story.

How did you first meet Tea Cup?

“I was repping for a hair product and had not long bought an apartment when I wanted my own dog. I visited a home salon and the stylist had six Chihuahua puppies. She passed me a little bundle and said, ‘take this one’.“  My immediate thought was that she would be a small yappy dog. I come from a country background with Kelpies and German Shepherds and farm dogs. I didnt’ want a small dog. But I got home and couldn’t stop thinking about her. I got her (Tea Cup) the next day.”

Has she always been named Tea Cup?

Her name was Zanetti or something like that. I renamed her Tea Cup. It’s just cute and so suitable.

How does she earn her keep?

Her role is to meet and greet clients and welcome them to the salon. But you’ll usually find her tucked in the corner on her fluffy bed hoping for belly rubs. She’s pretty placid.

Does she have any quirks?

Teacup is well trained and toilets on the way to and from work every single day. In between she hangs on. She might be a 2kg Chihuahua, but she’s got the bladder of a 500kg camel.  Oh, and she pokes her tongue out. She’s not being cheeky; her dentist removed her front teeth so her tongue sometimes flops out between the gaps.  Check it out!

What motivates her?

Aside from belly rubs, give her anything with chicken and she’s your best friend.

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