9 reasons Bardon Hair Design is better than a big brand salon

Have you ever waltzed into a busy salon ready to put bounce back into your hair, only to find your treasured stylist has resigned? And, the new ‘expert’, no matter how experienced and willing, knows nothing about you, your life, your stressors, nor your hair? 

Welcome to Groundhog Day salon style. It’s a rerun of frustration every time your stylist leaves – taking with them your trust and confidence.

The good news is there is an easy way to avoid the pain of breaking in a new hairdresser. Simply choose a stylist who owns and operates their own salon. Someone like Shandell O’Reilly, a Bardon-based business owner with a long-term passion for her salon and her clients. Whether you book Bardon Hair Design in April 2022 or June 2024, you can be sure Shan is the person who greets you and the stylist who treats you.  

Here are NINE reasons why you should ditch the big brands and make a habit of visiting a salon like Bardon Hair Design.

1. It's personal

Shandell calls her salon ‘the vault’ thanks to the safe environment she has built. “This is a trusted and welcoming environment. My clients know my style and I know theirs. It’s a one-on-one relationship. I consider many clients my friends.”

2. 100% reliable

Once you book Shandell, you lock in an experienced stylist for the duration of your visit. “The buck stops with me,” she says. “There is no other colourist, no other cashier, and no apprentice to flick and switch. It’s me every time and all the time. At the end of the day, I greet you and I treat you.”

3. She has hair-story

“When you come here regularly, you come knowing that I have personally treated your hair. Together we build an understanding of any trouble spots and quirks. I know that a good hair style makes you feel confident and beautiful. A bad one can squash your self-esteem – and that’s frustrating.”

4. Life experience

It took a few life detours since first cutting her Barbie dolls’ hair, but Shandell has found her vocation in running Bardon Hair Design and she’s here to stay. All that life experience makes for a wise and warm woman.  

5. A calm escape

Walk into Bardon Hair Design and you enter a quiet haven of calm (did we mention that it’s cute to boot?). The salon is located in a heritage strip of shops four kilometres from the city centre … and miles from those run-of-the-mill shopping mall types. Inside it’s peace and serenity.

6. Time-saver treatments

Go in for a cut or style but use the down time for a pick-me-up treat. like brow waxing, lash tinting, or lip waxing. Tick two or three things off your list in the space of one appointment and save time.

7. Honest rates

Take away the big city rents, the costly overheads that come with a big brand franchise, and the raft of work experience kids that fill them, and what you get here are honest rates for honest work.

8. No parking fees

Why waste money on parking when you can park for free? At Bardon Hair Design, you can park on the street (opposite the salon) or in the public carpark located on the corner of Simpson and Jubilee Streets.  

9. Meet the mascot

Every visit comes with  a chance to meet Tea Cup, the tiny Chihuahua and salon mascot who may or may not rouse herself from her doggy bed for a belly rub.

Tea Cup the Chihuahua

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